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Ledger & Co Lawyers can assist you whether building or acquiring facilities or equipment, contemplating business mergers and or acquisitions.   We can assist you with contracting for the purchase or sale of goods and services, developing policies, plans, procedures and agreements concerning employees and independent contractors.  

Ledger & Co Lawyers can assist your business to comply with the constantly growing array of rules, regulations, ordinances, codes, statutes and laws affecting Australian businesses, we deliver solutions and accurate timely advice in a cost efficient manner for our business and corporate clients.

Ledger & Co Lawyers act as corporate advisors to a wide range of businesses within a diverse selection of the Australian industry.

Ledger & Co Lawyers offer skilled advise on all aspects of Australian Corporate Law.

Ledger & Co Lawyers welcomes the opportunity to discuss your legal requirements with you.  Please call us on (07) 5571 2017 during office hours, 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, alternatively email us on mail@ledgerlawyers.com.au


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