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I n the past businesses and individuals looked exclusively to large law firms to manage their litigation needs. Today, business executives and individuals are much more sophisticated, their selection of a lawyer is based more on the real needs of the case and on the bottom-line. That change has served us well, for we have had tremendous success working with businesses, in-house counsel, and corporations.
Conflicts arise every day in business.  Parties disagree on the interpretation or performance of a contract. Competitors engage in practices that affect the market and reputation of other companies. In many instances, such conflict can be amicably resolved. When business and commercial disputes cannot be settled amicably, litigation may be the only recourse.
When confronted with the prospect of business and commercial litigation, you want a skilled and experienced business lawyer to protect your rights.  At Ledger & Co Lawyers, our lawyers have extensive experience protecting the interests of both small and large business clients in commercial and business-related disputes. We represent clients throughout Queensland.  Located on the Gold Coast in lovely Main Beach we are in close reach for Brisbane, Tweed Heads and Sunshine Coast based clientele.
We are skilled, experienced commercial lawyers, using all our knowledge and experience to ensure that clients get the best results.  One of our goals in commercial litigation is to help our clients articulate a realistic business and litigation objective. Once established, we actively involve clients in decision-making as we pursue an optimal resolution.
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