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Property Law
Ledger & Co Lawyers property team offers a range of property services on a commercial or residential level.

Our areas of expertise include:

- acquisition and sale of commercial and residential property

- retail and commercial leasing
- off the plan developments

- investment property development
- subdivisions and body corporate
- infrastructure and project funding
- building contracts and projects
- risk assessment
- taxation advice

Ledger & Co Lawyers clients can be assured of receiving accurate timely advice delivered in a cost efficient manner.   The property team are experience with the knowledge, experience and resources needed to help our clients maximise the success of their dealings, minimise risk, solve problems and manage various property projects across multiple jurisdictions.

From the beginning our property team is there with advice in the negotiation stage, there through settlement of the transaction or perhaps enforcement, litigation.

Ledger & Co Lawyers aims to ensure that our client's property projects are successful.   All transactions we handle conscientiously and any dispute or litigation is handled strategically to be settled at the earliest opportunity.

Ledger & Co Lawyers handles complex property developments, both straight-forward and complex leasing requirements (for both landlords and tenants), finance, sub-divisions and other commercial property matters. 

Ledger & Co Lawyers welcomes the opportunity to discuss your legal requirements with you.  Please call us on (07) 5571 2017 during office hours, 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, alternatively email us on mail@ledgerlawyers.com.au  
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